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Criminal accusations can have life-changing consequences, and you need a professional on your side to get justice and protect your rights. At Phillippe A. Melograne, Attorney at Law, in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, we are committed to providing the criminal defense representation you need, no matter what you are accused of committing.


These are five things you need to know about the criminal court system:

  • Every case is different. While two people may be charged with the same crime, everything else about their cases is different. There are different investigators, evidence and people involved. These will all have an effect on potential consequences — and the actions you should take to mitigate these consequences.
  • Trial is an option; it is not inevitable. While we are ready and willing to bring your case to trial if it is necessary, most cases are settled outside of court. A trial can be expensive and may not be in your best interests. This is why savvy negotiating skills are required.
  • There are many mitigating factors. Cases do not always come down to whether a crime was actually committed or not. Were your rights maintained at all times? Did police and prosecutors follow all procedures? Was the equipment used to incriminate you working correctly? It is just as important to investigate every aspect of the case to ensure everything was lawful.
  • Justice is always the goal. Especially if children or other parties are involved, we want to make sure justice is served. We will enthusiastically defend you and advocate for you at every step to ensure your rights are maintained. This is our No. 1 priority.
  • You need an attorney. The legal process is complicated and nuanced, and requires vast knowledge and experience. You need a lawyer to give yourself a fighting chance, lead you through your case and help you make the right decisions.


Do not leave your fate to chance. We at Phillippe A. Melograne, Attorney at Law, are ready to represent you from start to finish. Schedule a free initial consultation with us today by calling (412)-310-1217. You can also get in touch via email.

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Phillippe A. Melograne, Attorney at Law

Phillippe A. Melograne, Attorney at Law